For the WS 20/21 the lab was closed due to corona pandemic, which led us to the topic on how to activate people in their home offices and increase communication.

In this semester we tried to lend as much hardware as possible to the students at home in order to give them the possibility to still tinker around with new hardware and learn how to use it. Yet, we did not want them to create teaser videos due to privacy issues.

In one project, students created a virtual pet on a Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch that gained its’ information about the persons’ posture from the Microsoft Kinect. If the person would not stand up for a while, the pet became sad and wanted to go for a walk.

Submission Specifications
Virtual Interface - your pet and the one’s of their friends live in the same place
Flowchart for the smartwatch app
Part of the flowchart for the smartwatch app

The students had to consider the following points in their projects:

Submission Specifications
Documentation Submission Specifications