• Social Media Project with my Start Up!
  • The app aimed to connect people in local and neighborly ways that strengthen communities in cities and neighborhoods
  • Users automatically enter a "zone" determined by their location, which comes with its own newsfeed
  • Zones are geo-fenced areas like cities, neighborhoods, and university campuses
  • ZoneApp

    Within the first quarter of 2015 we had set up Zone GmbH and launched the app in November 2015. In the first months, having a larger success than expected, we struggled with a lack of time and other important resources, so that we weren’t able to keep the success running or even keep the numbers up. I do not regret a second of time I have spent on working on this app. In fact, I regret not spending even more time on it since I am still really believe in the idea behind it. I am also extremely grateful for having learnt more than would be possible in any other regular job, and I am confident, that this team - even after struggling incredibly hard (or even because of that) - is the best I have ever worked with. So right now, we (Stefan and I) are in possession of a startup including an app with awesome scalable architecture and (in my opinion :) ) a beautiful and intuitive UI behind it. I am really looking forward on what this cooperation of skills and personalities will be able to create in the future!

    zoneapp top 10
    ZoneApp top 10 new apps im Google Playstore

    What is it about?

    ZoneApp aims to connect people in a local and neighbourly way that strengthens communities in cities and neighbourhoods. Once a user’s location is determined, he or she will automatically enter a “zone”. Zones are geo-fenced areas such as cities, neighbourhoods or university-campuses. Each zone comes with its own newsfeed. All users within a city, a neighbourhood or on campus will be digitally connected through the newsfeed. Users can exchange information and will be up-to-date in what’s happening in their space.

    What makes it unique?

    What makes ZoneApp unique are its zones. Zones are geo-fenced areas. We follow a three-staged zone-concept. No more than three zones “lie on top of each other”. From stage one to three, cities, neighbourhoods and “special places” stand ready for use. “Special places” consist of university campuses, football stadiums, concert arenas, barracks and many more. As of release, 30,000 zones will be available in Germany, London, Paris and the US west coast. Goal is to make the zones match the boundaries of cities, neighbourhoods and places as people perceive them. Only then can zones serve as parts of the real world, and have the real world serve as the context for conversation and exchange in each zone. For example, a neighbourly community can only be strengthened if its zone very much respects the bounds of that neighbourhood.

    zoneapp map editor
    the map editor of zoneapp

    What is the app good for?

    Users get a local and live newsfeed of their location. The newsfeed becomes the place for conversation and exchange for the users of Zoneapp. Use-Cases, we can imagine

    • Promotion and organization of events
    • Sseeking and organizing helping hands or social involvement
    • The offering of small jobs and other opportunities
    • Being a marketplace
    • Neighbours or people in the proximity
    • Photo sharing
    • To communicate, socialize or meet new people in the zone/area/around you
    zoneapp used to live stream images posted in a zone on an event
    zoneapp used to live stream images posted in a zone on an event


    Team ZoneApp in der Presse
    Team ZoneApp in der Presse.


    A very early impression of “making of zoneapp” at Gruenhof in the beautiful Freiburg im Breisgau. it is a stunning place with happy and friendly people. I highly recommend spending time there!

    design sprint zoneapp team
    design sprint in detail