• Artist in Residence Högskolan Kristianstad with Andi and Michael
  • We reworked Da Vinci's ideal space to be accessible by bike within immersive Virtual Reality
  • Hej Sverige

    In November 2017 Andi and I were invited by Michael Johansson (Department of Design Högskolan Kristianstad) to Sweden to work as Artist in Residence.

    The project we chose to work on (biketopia) later has become a small part of the cube_x project within the EU funded PS2 project.

    Our goal: Creating the ideal city sketched by Leonardo da Vinci in Virtual Reality. However, users should not explore the city on foot, but by bicycle.

    As base for our work, we selected da vinci’s ideal world that was originally designed in our venice biennale project with the ideal spaces working group.

    We wrote paper in which biketopia is featured as well: Worldmaking: Designing for Audience Participation, Immersion and Interaction in Virtual and Real Spaces

    michael working on ground floor
    Michael working on the ground floor of Da Vincis ideal space