> sitnwin

the basic principle of this app is, to get people playing easy competitive games together in their living room. with the rise of smart tvs and other small boxes (amazon fire tv) making your tv smart and game engines that are able to build their apps to a huge range of different devices, we thought it might be an interesting approach to let people play games on it with their own smartphone as a controller.

01 - host or player select

right after the splash screen you are asked if you want to host a game or join a game. if you host the game you are given a room with a unique number, with which other people (who chose to be a player) can join the room.

sit and win ingame player or host select

> host or player select (seen on smart tv or smartphone)

02 - room open

as mentioned above, you can join open rooms. player are represented by this little (green) dude. everybody gets their own color. after starting the game, a countdown runs from 3 to 0 and then you need to tap your screen as fast as you can in order to inflate the balloon every player gets.

the user chose open a room

> room with room number open for other people to join

02 - game started

sit and win - ingame screenshot

> 8 players inflating their balloon