> panda

this project was created during the first semester of my masters (interactive media design). we were given the assignment to envision an interactive advert. so being a student and not wanting to advertise for one of these huge companies without any face, we decided to advert for an ngo (the one with the cute b&w animal logo).
this was not an official partnership, we just made it up.

01 - what is it about?

the interactive installation simulates the destruction of the animal's natural habitat by humans. the user was invited to move a toy "park ranger" towards the pandas habitat along a milling on top of the box. The further they advance, the more they destroyed the digital representation of the panda's habitat. to read the user's position we used a makeymakey connected to several springs, which on contact, sent out information to our computer.

02 - some other impressions

thank you guys for the awesome time we spent together in this project!!

a group of visitors using the installation

> at the official exhibition (yeah someone at hfu still uses an overhead!)

tinkering the main part of the installation

> building the landscape

the makey makey setup

> the makey makey described above