> venice

the art and research group ideal spaces consists of artist and researchers from sweden, russia, switzerland and germany. for about one year, we set up this exhibition which was presented as part of the architectural biennale for 6 month in venice in 2016 together. as written before, you can read in detail about idea on our related page. here you will find some "behind the scenes" footage as well as a more technical description about some of the parts of the exhibition.
all the pictures seen below are under copyright of the ideal spaces working group from 2016.
also i would like to shout out a big thank you to matt bühler who offered us the awesome favela objs!

2016's team: alexander zyuzkevic, matthias wölfel, michael johansson, andreas siess, sandra beuck, johannes gruber, alexander kadin, hana rude, nico häffner, ulrich gehmann and ulrike sattler, andreas schaumann, alexander kadin, edwyn hickey and benedikt stoll

p.s.: i do not have anything to do with the works produced for the biennale in 2018.


the official biennale logo

01 - the set up

one part of our exhibition was a huge wall (around 6x4m) set up in form of a tryptichon with the side walls turned towards the visitor for 45 degree to make him feel like he is present within the respective world.

room setup preview in cinema4d
live image from the exhibition showing davincis ideal space and two visitors

> visitors seeing da vinci's ideal space

copyright: ideal spaces working group 2016

02 - da Vinci

frame from our idealspaces da vinci video

copyright: ideal spaces working group 2016

03 - Favela

frame from our idealspaces favela video

copyright: ideal spaces working group 2016

04 - Interactive Wall (making off)

mood image showing the interactive table setup with sand and tuio markers

> rendering of the interactive wall for printing

mood-rendering of our garden object for the interactive table

> this was a test rendering of our garden object.

several buildings created with city engine

> here you can see the houses in production (cityengine scripting)

mood rendering of some buildings rendered in cinema4d

> and here you can see them multiplied and rendered in c4d

an early unity prototype showing the buildings from city engine

> an early prototype of our interactive wall in unity

an alternative rendering of one of the houses

> trying out other styles :)

05 - Award Nomination

i feel very honored that the ideal spaces group has been nominated for the GAA - Foundation Prize in 2016 next to all the other impressive projects!

the global art affairs nomination letter

05 - impressions

here i collect some impressions of the ideal spaces working group. most of them show work in progress

studying tony garnier

> studying tony garnier

projection mapping with 3 optoma laser projectors

> running reims renders for the first time in test setup

idealspaces team setting up the venice biennale exhibition 2016 at palazzo mora

> setting up the exhibition in venice (i am the one on the right side)