> hapticspace

here you can see some screenshots from within unity's scene view. since its just an early test environment i did not spend a lot of time on the appearances. i just wanted to test it out asap! :) the main idea is to manipulate the controller's haptic feedback settings from within the virtual reality environment. after a while of testing, i found out that i need to delay the sound for about 100ms to make if feel even more realistic. the application is a lot of fun, and i can imagine people would have fun trying to learn xylophone within this space! the next steps for this space, would be to substitute the instruments with real elements within the room you are playing in, so that you can get double the feedback.

01 - the set up

interaction in vr is a different from what you might imagine from a usual computer. in this case, i decided to use sliders, which - to my surprise - you can move pretty accurately.

haptic space - slider value control